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Valuing Your Business
Knowing how much your business is worth can do more than figure out how much money you can get when you sell it. Creating an accurate valuation is part of an ongoing business strategy.

Professional Financial Designations
When it comes to managing your personal finances, you need the right financial professional on your team. Knowing the differences between the various professional designations will help.

Understanding Your Business Insurance Binder
Whether you’re insuring your business against liability or protecting your employees with a workers’ compensation policy, your insurance agent will provide a binder that can serve as your temporary proof of insurance before an insurance policy is issued.

May 2021 Client Profile
The Roberts family hired a live-in au pair to help care for their children while the parents work. One of their co-workers mentioned something about a “Nanny Tax,” and the Roberts aren’t sure if it applies to their situation.

Big Changes to Child Tax Credit
The American Rescue Plan Act, signed into law in March 2021, made significant changes to the child tax credit for 2021 only -- unless Congress extends these changes.

Defining Company Culture
Company culture is defined as the values, goals, practices and attitudes that represent the personality of an organization. Worker satisfaction is highest when employees' personal views are in sync with a clearly defined company culture.

May 2021 Q and A
Let's talk about when you should notify IRS, and how long to keep your tax records.

May 2021 Short Bits
According to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration, the IRS allowed business owners to claim $57 million in potentially erroneous qualified business income deductions on 2019 tax returns.

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