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Financing Your Business
Many small businesses depend on access to financing in order to grow, but their financing options will vary. Here’s what you need to know if you’re exploring how to finance a business need.

More Savings!
If you missed the announcement of higher retirement plan limits for 2020, here’s another look at some of them.

Loan Consequences
If your company offers a 401(k) plan loan, it can be among your most cost-effective options for short-term needs (five or fewer years). However, these loans come with potential drawbacks. Before you take money from your 401(k), understand all the consequences.

March 2020 Client Profile
Elijah is an employee of a technology company and also has his own company on the side. He has contributed to a 401(k) plan for each job. Now he learned he contributed too much and could owe penalties. What should he do?

Taxes, Retirement and You
Many people nearing retirement consider moving to Sunbelt States like Florida and Nevada for both the weather and lack of state income taxes. However, all states have a variety of taxes, so look beyond income taxes and then take another look at your total tax picture.

A Primer on Excise Taxes
The sheer number of taxes companies must pay surprises many new business owners. They can be assessed for unemployment, Social Security and a variety of excise taxes, to mention a few. The latter affects businesses dealing with everything from sports wagering and gasoline to indoor tanning and tire sales. They are imposed by some states as well as the federal government.

Whether you’re a new business owner or plan to start a company, you need to understand excise taxes.

March 2020 Q and A
Let's talk trusts, and whether leasing or buying new equipment is a good option for your new business.

March 2020 Short Bits
Let's review some statistics on retirement, charities, homeownership, and labor market.

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