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A Different Type of Audit
Auditing your human resources, whether you have a department devoted to it or not, can help protect you, your employees and your business while identifying solutions that can make your company stronger.

Safe Harbor
The IRS has provided guidance on a safe harbor method for determining depreciation deductions for passenger automobiles acquired and put into service after September 27, 2017 that qualify for the 100% additional first-year depreciation deduction.

5 Reasons Why Estate Planning Matters
Ask the average person if estate planning is necessary and you will likely hear this answer: “That’s only for the rich.” This is not true. At some level, estate planning is necessary for almost everyone, regardless of income or amount of assets. Let’s count the areas of your life estate planning affects:

June 2019 Client Profile
Spencer has run a successful restaurant for more than five years, but is now reaching a crossroad. He wants a bigger space for his business to grow, but he can’t afford the prices in his current neighborhood. Should he relocate?

Audits For Private Companies
Publicly traded companies are used to undergoing financial audits — it’s a requirement for most of them - but privately held companies can generally keep their finances private. However, lenders and some insurance companies may require you to have an audit performed. And, in any event, an audit can help owners pinpoint problem areas and identify solutions that can improve their company’s prospects.

Benefits of an Insurance Audit
A financial audit isn’t the only type of helpful review. Individuals can conduct their own insurance review, taking a comprehensive look at the financial protection they need in various areas of their lives.

June 2019 Question and Answer
Let's talk qualified business deductions and student loan interest deductions.

June 2019 Short Bits
Let's take a quick look at some key U.S. economy metrics.

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