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Last-Minute Tax Breaks
If you haven’t filed your 2018 tax return yet, double-check it to make sure you’ve taken every tax break you can. New tax rules are in effect, so you may find deductions you overlooked.

Avoid This!
If you don’t want to experience an IRS audit of your tax returns, you can reduce your chances by doing the following:

Too Much of a Good Thing
Like all good things, investing requires moderation. For example, owning too many shares of your company’s publicly traded stock in your 401(k) plan can hurt your retirement income prospects. Enron employees learned this painful truth in the early 2000s when the company’s stock, in which many of them were heavily invested, became worthless.

April 2019 Client Profile
Rafael wants to offer employees his company’s public stock as one of the investments in his firm’s employer-sponsored 401(k) plan. He heard there are limits to how much company stock employees can buy, but I told him there weren’t. Who’s right?

Reducing Seasonal Business Risks
Many businesses, from farms and ski resorts to surf shops and landscapers, depend on seasonal employees to keep them successful. Seasonal businesses come with added risks because they don’t have the entire year to make up for a bad month or two.

Your Business May Owe Sales Tax
A handful of court decisions have sided with states that want to levy sales taxes on online purchases from companies located outside their states. Retailers who operate in more than one state may want to reexamine their tax practices in order to comply with each state’s tax laws.

April 2019 Q and A
Let's talk about finances as a married couple, and insurance coverage needs for a seasonal business.

April 2019 Short Bits
The IRS announced it will generally waive an underpayment penalty for taxpayers who come up short on their withholding or estimated tax payments, but paid at least 85% of their total tax liability for 2018.

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