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Tax Benefits for Education
The IRS provides numerous tax breaks for higher education expenses. Tax credits and tax-deferred savings plans take some of the sting out of paying for college.

Reminder of Special Tax Breaks
The December 2020 stimulus package provided a few noteworthy tax breaks for companies.

Understanding Interest Rates
From a mortgage to credit cards, interest rates affect nearly everyone’s budget. Understanding how interest rates are set and how your credit score affects the rate you receive can show you ways to potentially pay less.

April 2021 Client Profile
Barbara operates a floral shop and her CPA recently suggested she switch from the cash method of accounting to the accrual method and she doesn’t understand the difference between the two methods.

Kids, Money and Taxes
Unfortunately, personal finance is rarely taught in schools, so unless kids learn about money at home, they often learn hard lessons as adults. That’s why it is so important for parents to put this task on the list of things to teach their children, starting at a very young age.

Disregarded Entities
There are three types of disregarded entities, but the single-member limited liability company (SMLLC) is the most common.

April 2021 Q and A
Let's discuss supporting a non-profit organization through fundraising raffles and tax implications.

April 2021 Short Bits
A quick look into presidential salaries, 401(k) contributions, and recoveriing from the economic impacts from the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Most people have heard of Roth and Traditional IRAs. But two other types of IRAs are less commonly known: the SIMPLE IRA and the SEP-IRA, which are available to small business owners. They have similarities, but also some key differences.

Business Start-Up
Starting a business involves research, planning and making critical financial and legal decisions. Once you’ve landed on your product or service offering, consider these steps when launching your new business.

Read moreTriple Tax Advantages of HSAs
If you have a high-deductible health insurance plan, you’re likely eligible to open a health savings account (HSA). Similar to flexible spending accounts, these tax-advantaged savings accounts allow you to contribute money to cover your medical expenses. But HSAs have three distinct tax advantages.

March 2021 Client Profile
Beth is self-employed and preparing to file her taxes, but hasn’t received some of her 1099s. She doesn’t want to file for an extension. What should she do?

Workers' Compensation Insurance
Workers' compensation insurance provides benefits to employees who become ill or injured on the job and offers employers some protection from injured employees' lawsuits. The premiums are paid by the employer.

Flexible Work Arrangements
Offering the right benefits to your employees keeps them engaged and motivated. Besides monetary benefits like a competitive salary or health insurance, consider non-financial perks like flexible work arrangements.

March 2021 Q&A
Let's talk about automobile deductions and whether or not you need E&O insurance for your business.

March 2021 Short Bits
Making history - Stimulus payments sent in record time during COVID-19 pandemic and there are now more women than men in the U.S.
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Taxes in Retirement
Retirement is something almost all of us look forward to. But have you considered how your retirement income will be taxed? Not all retirement income is taxed the same, so it is important that you understand the details.

Succession Planning
Don’t fail to plan for what will happen to your business when you retire. Perhaps your partner wants to buy you out or you want to leave the business to heirs.

The Cost of New Hires
Hiring employees is fundamental to business. Whether looking to hire your first employee or expand your team, be sure to understand the total cost of hiring help.

February 2021 Client Profile
Elizabeth gave her brother $10,000 for a down payment on a house and is considering giving him another $10,000 to help with renovations. Will either of them owe gift tax on these amounts?

How Business Losses Affect Your Tax Return
Many businesses may have incurred a loss in 2020 due to the pandemic-induced economic slowdown. When expenses exceed revenue, a loss is generated. How these losses affect your business tax return depends on many factors.

Is Your Hobby a Business or Is Your Business a Hobby?
Everyone has hobbies and sometimes those hobbies provide some income. But when does your hobby become a business? Getting the right classification determines how this income is taxed.

February 2021 Question and Answer
Let's discuss taxes on income earned in other countries, and deducting tuition.

February 2021 Short Bits
A recent study by the FDIC found that 95% of American households had a bank or credit union account in 2019.

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Home Ownership Comes With Tax Breaks
Your house can provide you with more than just shelter. It can provide you with some significant tax breaks if you itemize deductions. Learn more about the most common tax deductions your home can deliver.

Get Prepared
Now’s the time to get your company’s books ready for tax time.

Estate Planning Checklist
Estate planning is the process that allows you to designate what happens to your assets when you become incapacitated or die. Using a checklist can help you get started.

January 2021 Client Profile
Josh is starting a new landscape business. He’s heard bits of information about various business structures, including sole proprietor, LLC and an S-Corp. Which of these forms of business would offer him the most tax advantages?

Start 2021 On Sound Financial Ground
A new year and a new start to your goals. Follow these helpful tips to get your year started on a sound foundation.

Build Lasting Relationships With a Loyalty Program
Do you know that it costs five times more to attract a new customer, than it does to retain an existing one?* That is just one reason why companies focus their efforts on customer retention.

January 2021 Question and Answer
Sold your home or had a ride share gig last year? Let's talk taxes.

January 2021 Short Bits
Things are looking up, at least for the standard deduction, mortgage lending, and FICO scores.

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